Event planners

Let The Laughs Begin

As someone who was once in the corporate world and who has since performed at hundreds of corporate events, I’m very aware of how important it is that the show is a hit.

I take pride in giving your audience laughs without using inappropriate or “blue” material. This allows your group to just sit back and enjoy.

Let me give you a little insider information concerning my performance.

The show kicks off in an over the top fashion that lets your people know they’re in for a party. I immediately use some of your specific company lingo and may even take a few swipes at your competition. Right away, your audience is engaged and enjoying a special program designed just for them.

I often mention positives about the company. “The market is coming back!” “12 years and still dominating!” “John refuses to retire, he can’t get enough!”

As for topics, your people have been through tough job interviews or play golf or have pets or hate working out or have been to college or the military, are married or single. Whatever, I’VE GOT THE JOKES!

The pace is fast and the craziness is continuous. Your audience will be energized for whatever else you have planned. A high energy, funny show is effective for kicking things off with a bang, waking up after lunch or wrapping up a great event.

The entire act is very physical and I’m always looking to include your people. Any suggestions from you are welcome as the more customized the show is, the more fun everybody has.

Please watch the corporate promo video on this site and enjoy.